Telecom Fitness delivers what they promise. Everyone on staff is professional, helpful and down to earth plus they know how to get great results. Copps Industries is extremely satisfied with our experiences with Telecom Fitness. They are thorough, efficient and are able to deliver the promised results. Everyone should take advantage of their no risk services!
– Matt Copps
Controller, Copps Industries
Telecom Fitness walked in our door at the perfect time. We had just spent months and many, many hours of frustration trying to get answers from our telephone/Internet provider about charges for services we did not receive. The team at Telecom Fitness quickly was able to evaluate our system, implement cost savings, remove charges that we were paying for non-existent services, and then find the best plan for our business. We truly feel they can do anything they say they can and have proved themselves honorable and creditable. We experienced it first hand and their follow-up has continued to make sure all is right. They have not only saved us money, but also time so we can focus on the business of our Lincoln Mercury dealership.
– Tim and Ranee Welch
Owners of Lidtke Motors, Inc.
Thanks to Telecom Fitness, Inc. we've identified tens of thousands of dollars in annual cost reductions for our telephone service. They have documented & resolved billing errors, renegotiated contracts, and recommended changes that have given us remarkable savings. Telecom Fitness has served as a trusted partner and as an advocate with our telecommunications vendors.
– Jeff Fritsche
CPA & Former CFO, Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin
Telecom Fitness delivered exactly what they promised. Their efforts resulted in over $12,000 per year in real savings. But best of all Telecom Fitness got us a huge $18,000 refund for past overcharges! Telecom Fitness is a great choice for helping you lower your telecom and data costs. Every dealership and business should take advantage this service from Telecom Fitness.
– Steve Homan
President, Homan Automotive Sales
Telecom Fitness went above and beyond the call of duty in helping the Village of Jackson. Thanks to Telecom Fitness, we've reduced our annual telecom expenses by over $3,000 per year, plus we've received over $11,800 in refunds that we never knew we had coming. Telecom Fitness has proven themselves to be a dependable and trustworthy partner and I would highly recommend them.
– John M. Walther
Village Administrator, Village of Jackson