Even though we had a good plan and great rates with our carrier, Telecom Fitness was able to negotiate with our service provider and still lower our monthly phone bill. Telecom Fitness gave us more confidence that we were doing things right, improved our relationship with our carrier and helped us to improve our bottom line.
– Lynn Reed
Reed Chrysler Automotive Sales
Telecom Fitness helped us understand all of the charges on our phone bills plus they found ways to reduce our bills by thousands of dollars per year. The City of Mayville is receiving the best possible rates and no longer paying for services it is not receiving. We highly recommend their services to other municipalities and businesses.
– Kathie Wilde
Comptroller and Treasurer – City of Mayville
Everyone at Telecom Fitness has been very helpful and diligent in the TFR process. Telecom Fitness has exceeded our expectations with the refunds they've recovered and annual savings we are now experiencing. The City of Beaver Dam is very appreciative of their hard work and helpfulness. We highly recommend their services to other municipalities and businesses alike.
– Becky Welsch
Treasurer for the City of Beaver Dam