• As accountants we pay close attention to detail, daily. But when it comes to understanding our own communications charges, even we can be confused! Telecom Fitness, Inc. was able to pull back the curtain from the mystery surrounding our telecommunications bills. They have already saved us many thousands of dollars, and we'll continue to save annually. Their review is a no risk proposition that any one of our clients should investigate. I strongly recommend them.
    – Michael I. Sattell
    CPA, CFE, – Sattell, Johnson, Appel & Co, S.C.
  • By implementing changes and negotiating new contracts, Telecom Fitness has provided Teamsters Local 200 with over $9,400 per year in real savings that will go right back into the union's key functions and activities. Teamsters Local 200 highly recommends this service to other unions and businesses alike.
    – Tom Millonzi
    Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 200
  • Thanks to Telecom Fitness, Inc. we've identified tens of thousands of dollars in annual cost reductions for our telephone service. They have documented & resolved billing errors, renegotiated contracts, and recommended changes that have given us remarkable savings. Telecom Fitness has served as a trusted partner and as an advocate with our telecommunications vendors.
    – Jeff Fritsche
    CPA & Former CFO, Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin
  • I've had the misfortune to deal with some less than forthright individuals in the telecom industry. Some were even "consultants" that turned out to be re-sellers. Brian and his crew have always gone to great lengths to remain impartial so that they can help me get the solution that works best for my needs and my budget. They've literally been the only voice that I've been able to trust.
    – Jon Janz
    Director of Information Technology, Zilber Ltd.
  • In tough economic times like these, it's important to save money wherever you can, especially in local government. When we contracted with Telecom Fitness I knew we had nothing to lose, I thought they would save us a little money on small items, but I never imagined they would find us $48,000 in refunds from the past 6 years and another $30,000 in annual savings! The best part was that they did all the work and it didn't cost us anything to contract with them since we split the savings. I would highly recommend contracting with Telecom Fitness to review your telecom bills. You might be surprised at what they find. Telecom Fitness was a delight to work with and I am thankful for everything I learned through the Telecom Fitness Review process. They are truly dedicated to saving their clients money.
    – Bridget Souffrant
    Treasurer/Comptroller, Village of Brown Deer
  • I highly recommend Telecom Fitness to other school districts/government agencies. You are crazy if you pass on this. You won't believe what they can uncover and recommend for you. Because of their thoroughness, we received thousands of dollars in refunds and reimbursements. From the first meeting with Brian and Ben, I felt camaraderie focused on saving our district some dollars. I was very happy with their work. They did follow through with their promises, and were very easy to work with.
    – Dan Schmidt
    Director of Technology, Lake Geneva School District
  • You know what they say about 'if it sounds too good to be true...', well, when Brian and his team at Telecom Fitness makes you their initial offer, that's the way it sounds. But it truly is for real. If they are not able to find ways to save you money, they do not receive any compensation. So what do you have to lose? Nothing, only gain! Plus you gain by finding some new friends. These people work relentlessly as your advocate and it is pretty much guaranteed that this will be a positive experience.
    – Dave Hopp
    Vice President, National Bank of Waupun
  • Telecom Fitness walked in our door at the perfect time. We had just spent months and many, many hours of frustration trying to get answers from our telephone/Internet provider about charges for services we did not receive. The team at Telecom Fitness quickly was able to evaluate our system, implement cost savings, remove charges that we were paying for non-existent services, and then find the best plan for our business. We truly feel they can do anything they say they can and have proved themselves honorable and creditable. We experienced it first hand and their follow-up has continued to make sure all is right. They have not only saved us money, but also time so we can focus on the business of our Lincoln Mercury dealership.
    – Tim and Ranee Welch
    Owners of Lidtke Motors, Inc.
  • Telecom Fitness delivers what they promise. Everyone on staff is professional, helpful and down to earth plus they know how to get great results. Copps Industries is extremely satisfied with our experiences with Telecom Fitness. They are thorough, efficient and are able to deliver the promised results. Everyone should take advantage of their no risk services!
    – Matt Copps
    Controller, Copps Industries
  • Telecom Fitness helped us understand all of the charges on our phone bills, plus they found ways to reduce our bills by thousands of dollars per year. Every business should take advantage of their no risk offer. Telecom Fitness is the real deal when it comes to helping you lower your telecom and data costs.
    – Donna Howarth
    Office Manager of 5 Corners Dodge Chrysler Jeep
  • Telecom Fitness did a great job. They were able to help us collect over $2500 in refunds. Ben and his team did a great job with our District and we are happy with the service Telecom Fitness, Inc. gave us.
    – Aaron Sadoff
    Superintendent - The School District of North Fond du Lac
  • Even though we had a good plan and great rates with our carrier, Telecom Fitness was able to negotiate with our service provider and still lower our monthly phone bill. Telecom Fitness gave us more confidence that we were doing things right, improved our relationship with our carrier and helped us to improve our bottom line.
    – Lynn Reed
    Reed Chrysler Automotive Sales
  • Everyone at Telecom Fitness has been very helpful and diligent in the TFR process. Telecom Fitness has exceeded our expectations with the refunds they've recovered and annual savings we are now experiencing. The City of Beaver Dam is very appreciative of their hard work and helpfulness. We highly recommend their services to other municipalities and businesses alike.
    – Becky Welsch
    Treasurer for the City of Beaver Dam
  • Telecom Fitness delivered exactly what they promised. Their efforts resulted in over $12,000 per year in real savings. But best of all Telecom Fitness got us a huge $18,000 refund for past overcharges! Telecom Fitness is a great choice for helping you lower your telecom and data costs. Every dealership and business should take advantage this service from Telecom Fitness.
    – Steve Homan
    President, Homan Automotive Sales
  • Telecom Fitness went above and beyond the call of duty in helping the Village of Jackson. Thanks to Telecom Fitness, we've reduced our annual telecom expenses by over $3,000 per year, plus we've received over $$11,800 in refunds that we never knew we had coming. Telecom Fitness has proven themselves to be a dependable and trustworthy partner and I would highly recommend them.
    – John M. Walther
    Village Administrator, Village of Jackson
  • Telecom Fitness helped us understand all of the charges on our phone bills plus they found ways to reduce our bills by thousands of dollars per year. The City of Mayville is receiving the best possible rates and no longer paying for services it is not receiving. We highly recommend their services to other municipalities and businesses.
    – Kathie Wilde
    Comptroller and Treasurer – City of Mayville
  • In this economy everybody is looking for ways to cut spending and to better manage their budgets. What a blessing it has been for Telecom Fitness to come along side of the City of Mayville and help us with our telecom expenses. Thanks to Telecom Fitness the city will be saving thousands of dollars per year, not to mention the thousands in credits that have been recovered. We look forward to the ongoing support that Telecom Fitness offers and highly recommend their services to other municipalities and businesses.
    – Tracy Heron
    Former Mayor of the City of Mayville
  • We appreciate everything that Telecom Fitness has done to help Ozaukee County. They have given us back control over our telecommunications spending, saved the taxpayers of the County thousands of dollars per year, and recovered refunds that we never knew we had coming. We are thrilled with the results that Telecom Fitness has delivered for Ozaukee County. They have helped us to dramatically reduce our telecommunications spending, recovered significant refunds for us, and helped us upgrade to more efficient communications technology as well. They have been an excellent business partner and we highly recommend their services.
    Telecom Fitness is the BEST thing that Ozaukee County has found this year.
    – Andy Lamb
    Finance Director for Ozaukee County

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